Didcot A

Didcot A ⓒ Alexander Brett
Didcot A ⓒ Alexander Brett

The contrast of the soft beauty of evening sunlight filtering through the clouds onto the harsh edges of Didcot A power station dwarfs one of the 200m chimneys – one of the UK’s largest and one of Oxfordshire’s most prominent landmarks.

What intrigues me about this image, though, is that to those to whom Didcot A has been a part of their daily landscape for years, this will be an unfamiliar sight. This is a photo of a dead facility: its characteristic clouds of water vapour disappeared last month, and in a few weeks, the chimneys will be demolished.

Technical Details: Canon AE-1P, Canon FD 50mm f/1.4, Kodak Gold 400

More of Alex’s photographs are available on his website, updated daily.

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