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We are on Twitter @Oxford_Culture, Facebook at facebook.com/theoxfordculturereview, and on Instagram @oxfordculturereview

The Oxford Culture Review is dedicated to arts and humanities research and events. It began as a personal blog, and has expanded rapidly since then. We now have a team of writers who specialise in certain areas to interview and review.

We also accept guest posts for the Long View. This is a research-driven series written by academics who want to share their work in a non-academic context, for readers who are interested in and care about their ideas. More details about submitting can be found here.

Notes for editors/publicists

The email address for all correspondence is theoxfordculturereview[at]gmail.com

Requesting reviewers
We schedule reviews at least a week to a fortnight in advance, with scheduling confirmed on Sundays. If you would like to request a reviewer for a performance or exhibition, please contact us as far in advance as possible. Please address theatre inquiries to Leah Broad.

If you would like to send books for review, please send them to Leah Broad, Christ Church, St Aldate’s, Oxford OX1 1DP.

The Long View, Features, and Opinion
We have separate guidelines for submitting to these sections. For the Long View, please see the Opportunities page. For opinion pieces, please send a brief article pitch of a couple of sentences, along with a very short biography. Please address all inquiries for this section to Theophilus Kwek.

All original content copyright Leah Broad 2012-2018, unless otherwise stated. All opinions expressed in interviews are those of the interviewee, and do not necessarily represent those of The Oxford Culture Review or its writers.


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