Opportunities & FAQs

The Oxford Culture Review is not currently accepting submissions. To get in touch about existing content on the site, please contact Leah Broad at leahbroad[at]hotmail.co.uk.

Previous contributor calls

We are always open to applications to write for The Oxford Culture Review. If you would like to be considered as a writer, please send us an example of your previous writing, along with a short biography and details of which section(s) you would like to contribute to.

We accept one-off submissions, but to be listed as a contributor writers must submit at least one piece a month to the site. Previous experience is not mandatory but we do ask for examples of previous writing, and particularly for reviewing previous experience is preferred. We offer interview training for those who have not conducted interviews before.

To submit a one-off piece, please send the article in question to the relevant editor at theoxfordculturereview[at]gmail.com

The Long View

The Long View presents humanities research for The Oxford Culture Review readership. These are articles of up to 2500 words, and there are no restrictions on article topic! 

If you would like to share your work with our readers, please send a 200 word article proposal and short biography to Leah Broad at theoxfordculturereview[at]gmail.com with the email subject ‘The Long View’. As this is for a broad audience we are looking for arresting writing — what makes your research exciting, why should people care about it? Outline the subject of your work and the main focus of your article, and we will get back to you shortly. We look forward to hearing from you!

All applications and further questions should be sent to theoxfordculturereview[at]gmail.com.


Can you write for the Culture Review if you live outside Oxford?
Yes! Many of our writers are not Oxford-based, and we are open to applications from any country.

Can you apply to be an editor or editorial assistant if you’ve not written for the Culture Review before?
Yes. Send an application according to the guidelines above, and state that you’d like to apply for an editorial role.

Do you accept Long View articles from undergraduates?
No. The Long View is only for research conducted by postgraduates and above.

Do you need a university affiliation to submit a Long View article?
No, but you do need to have relevant research experience in the area that you are writing on. We are keen to accept submissions from early career researchers currently between PhD and postdoctoral roles.

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